The Ironman

I am the Ironman aka Chris Kuborn.  I have been playing steel drum since 1988.  I have almost enough drums in my collection to start a full band.  I own a 1956 tenor made by Ellie Mannette, a 1989 tenor made by Phil Solomon, several tenors from various builders in Trinidad.

I also own an extended size tenor from Panyard.

Now to the Double seconds:  I own 2 pair – both from panyard – one painted and one chromed both sweetened up by Kyle Dunleavy, a great builder/tuner in Phily.

I have a set of painted cellos from Trinidad that sound really nice that I picked up at a PAS Convention one year.

My most recent aquisition is a KAT midiPan.  I have always wanted to solo using different sounds and use the pan to imput to my computer – NOW I CAN!!!

I will post more as I get more familiar with it.

Email me if you have any questions about the show or my set-up.

Let’s talk Pan!!